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These conditions apply to all photo shoots carried out at Isabelle Hanneuse Photography.

Booking a session with Isabelle Hanneuse Photography implies that the client has read and accepted these general conditions of sale.


These general conditions of sale are applicable to all orders placed by the buyer with Isabelle Hanneuse Photography. It can be an order from individuals or professionals.



Prices and payment policy

  • Prices

Prices are subject to change without notice at any time, but the price list which is sent to the customer by email is guaranteed for 3 months from the date of the session (validated by the customer's payment).


  • Payment of the session

A deposit (100/150 euros depending on the session) is to be paid at the time of booking by bank transfer to the IBAN account: BE23 0689 3164 2991 in the name of Isabelle Hanneuse Photography - Avenue des Constellations 30, 1410 Waterloo.
Only the receipt of the deposit confirms the booking of a shooting session.

If there is a telephone reservation, it must be confirmed in writing by the client within 15 days of telephone contact and must be accompanied by a deposit transfer of 100 € or 150 € depending on the total amount of the service.

The total payment can be settled in two or three times, after prior discussion with the photographer.
In any case, the photographic work will not be delivered to the client until after total payment of the sums provided between the parties.


  • Payment of products

As for the products, they are payable before their production, when the order is taken and are non-refundable since they are tailor-made for the customer.

  • Payment of additional services

If the customer wishes home delivery of the products ordered, shipping costs are charged to him and depend on the size, weight and country of destination. An estimate will be provided if necessary. If the client chooses a session at home or in another place of his choice, an additional price in accordance with the current rate (0.25 euros / km) is required to cover the movement and transportation of equipment and accessories.


Delay, postponement and cancellation

  • Because of the customer

Delay: On the day and time fixed for the session, the client is asked to present himself at the studio (for the sessions planned at the photographer's studio) or meeting place about fifteen minutes before the fixed time in order to formalize the last details.

It is specified that the delay attributable to the client will be deducted from the time scheduled for the session and cannot be made up at the end of the session.

Postponement: In the event of force majeure on the part of the client, the session may be postponed only once.
Force majeure means the unforeseeable and external thing, that is to say events independent of the will of the parties, which could not have been foreseen and which they could not avoid or overcome, the 3 conditions being cumulative (for example: an accident, unexpected hospitalization, death, etc.).

Cancellation: If the client cancels the photo session or the order for work after the 7 days of reflection, the deposit cannot be returned by the photographer and will be retained in full except in cases of force majeure.
In case of cancellation less than 7 days before the session, the session fees are non-refundable.

In all cases, the client agrees to notify the photographer as soon as possible.


  • Because of the photographer

In the event of incapacity, due to the photographer, for reasons of force majeure, a new date is decided by mutual agreement. If no other date can be found, Isabelle Hanneuse immediately reimburses the already paid session costs but no damages and interest can be recovered.


  • Due to bad weather conditions

If a session takes place outdoors and the weather conditions are really unfavorable (heavy rain, thunderstorm), the session may be postponed 2 times. If at the end of the second report, the weather conditions are still not favorable, the session must be carried out in the studio.



All photos selected by the client will be carefully retouched before being presented to the client. Isabelle Hanneuse performs an “aesthetic” type touch-up, ie removing any buttons or any trace that is not permanent, softening the skin, as well as “artistic” type touch-ups which involve the choice of tones and other effects decided by the photographer (that special touch that makes the style of Isabelle Hanneuse Photography). Some alterations are not included in the price: traces of tanning, poorly made makeup, hairstyle that falls badly, or anything that involves the replacement of object, background, selective color changes. This type of supplement will be invoiced to the customer if a specific request for touch-up is made.



Completion deadlines

The photos are ready to be viewed within 5 to 10 days after the shoot. The retouched photos are delivered within 8 weeks.

Custom-made products have a somewhat long lead time. This varies between 3 and 8 weeks depending on the supplier and the time of year, from the date of validation of the project by Isabelle Hanneuse.

In all cases, this is a deadline provided for information only and the photographer cannot be held responsible for any delay, which may in any case never give rise to a cancellation or compensation.


Copyright of the photographer

Copyright is provided for by the intellectual property code.

The photographer has full ownership of his photographs.
The photos taken during the shooting must be exclusively used in a private setting and their use must be limited to the family circle. The customer has the right to reproduce them, to have them printed for his personal use or to offer to relatives.

It is however forbidden to retouch or modify in any way the photos which are provided if the client distributes them on the internet, with the exception of photos provided with professional use license. It is also forbidden to resell the photographs, even in a private setting.

If the client wishes to use the photos for professional or commercial purposes, on any medium whatsoever (professional website, business cards, flyers, books, press, etc.), he must acquire a specific additional license. This license is included in the context of an order for professional use, it is clearly mentioned on the invoice, and its text is communicated by email beforehand. Only signed web photos can be used on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, website). A signed and low resolution version is provided to the customer for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden to distribute unsigned images of the author's name or of a resolution greater than 1000x1000 pixels on the internet.

If the conditions are not met, the customer is liable for the amount of copyright. In case of doubt, Isabelle Hanneuse invites her clients to request authorization.



Image rights

Isabelle Hanneuse Photography can use the images of her clients to inspire future clients (website, social networks).
The photographer requests a signed and clear authorization to use one or more photos of her clients on her site or on social networks, and there is no obligation to accept. Two exceptions, however:

1) Photos where the customer is not recognizable. Isabelle Hanneuse never associates the image with the client's name on these publications.

2) Photos of newborns (less than 15 days old).



Digital files take up a lot of storage space, once the retouched files have been returned, Isabelle Hanneuse undertakes to keep the files of her customers for 6 months. Duration during which it is still possible to request additional retouched files.

The digital files take up a lot of storage space and will be kept for 6 months from the photo session. After this period, the photographer will no longer have the obligation to keep the files, except by agreement between the parties, and will no longer be able to provide additional alterations, duplicates, enlargements, or other; files that can be destroyed.

You are also asked to upload your edited photos (digital files) to your private online gallery no later than 1 month after their publication. After this deadline the photographer will no longer have the obligation to leave access to the private gallery.


Liability limit

Isabelle Hanneuse Photography uses professional equipment for taking photos and archiving photos, which is carried out on several supports simultaneously. This very much limits the risk of irreversible loss of files. However, if a problem arises, the photographer cannot be held responsible for a value greater than the amounts paid.
If possible, Isabelle Hanneuse and the client reschedule a session as soon as possible. If this is not possible, the amounts paid by the customer in proportion to the lost images will be refunded.

During the session, the photographer is not responsible for any accident that may take place; each client remains in control of his actions and the photographer cannot be held responsible for them.

Isabelle Hanneuse Photography makes every effort to provide the client with the images they want, but a photo shoot being something quite unpredictable, the photographer cannot guarantee the client a particular image.

All services provided by the photographer are subject to Belgian law and only the Belgian judge is competent.

Before any legal action following a possible disagreement, the client and the photographer first undertake to attempt an amicable approach, then conciliation with a mediator who may be appointed by the representative bodies of professional photographers.

Any litigation related to intellectual property depends on the Court of First Instance.

All other disputes will be decided by the competent civil or commercial courts according to the requests made.

The customer acknowledges having read all of the above general conditions and having understood their content in their entirety.



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