Since childhood, Isabelle has loved to dress up, theater, nature, and of course… stories! But after a scientific career and her diploma in hand, science did not really fill her and she was sorely lacking in fantasy and artistic project. It was then that she discovered a tool that would finally be able to bring together science and art: photography!

Understanding light and shaping it to highlight faces and stories, restoring confidence in someone's image, providing an extraordinary artistic experience ... that gave him deep meaning and joy at every moment of his new life.

This ability to change a person's perception of themselves is a revelation for them that makes them aware of the real power of photography.

A photo shoot is an opportunity to reconnect with your image and your body to reclaim it and be proud of it!

She has been passionate about capturing portraits in all their forms for 6 years now: portraits of women, pregnancies, couples, babies, outside or in the studio… and even underwater! Whether it is to immortalize the important passages of your life or simply to please yourself, Isabelle will guide you step by step so that you feel relaxed and make the most of it.

Getting to capture the best shots by uniting the beauty of nature and the alchemy of human collaboration, sliding from one world to another with a single click as a key ... This is what Isabelle is for photography!