Je suis ravie que vous vous intéressiez à mon travail ! Vous devez surement avoir énormément de questions, alors laissez moi y répondre de la manière la plus complète possible.
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Foire aux questions

What is the age group for participants?

This experience is curated for all age group participants. If you are looking to involve your children, kids from 7 and above will love the experience.

How do i enroll for this tour?

Once you click on the book now button, you will be redirected to a payment page. You will recieve a confirmation email immediately. 12 hours before the event begins, we will send you an email with a youtube link to access the live simulation on the event day. This is a live simulation, so log in at that appropriate time.

Is this pre-recorded video?

No. This is a live simulation of our Universe and a highly interactive session.

Where will we be watching this tour?

We will send you a private Youtube/ Zoom/ Webinar Live link to join the tour. You will receive this as an email to you 12 hours before the event. The link is a private link, so only you will be able to watch it. We recommend you not to share the link to anyone.

What is Live Simulation?

Using a high, graphically inclined simulation tool, we will literally visit all the places in our universe. This is not a power point presentation showing you about different celestial objects in the universe! We guarantee you that this will be a very unique experience

Can we watch the video later?

No. Since this is a Live Interactive Simulation, you will not be able to view it later than the time.

What will be the medium of instruction in the simulation?