Your little star is coming and you want to keep incredible photos of this emotional moment? I photograph newborns with their parents from the first days of life until 2 months after birth.

This session lasts approximately 2.5 hours, including a maximum of 2 hours of shooting at the baby's pace. It includes:


  • The full dresses, veils and accessories available

  • Several productions in studio or on location

  • 20-30 photos slightly optimized in low resolution

  • The selection and careful editing of your 5 best photos

  • Delivery of images purchased in digital version. Print on demand.


You should not plan anything special for this session except for matching clothes and a homemade brushing for moms.

If you wish, one or more dresses can be made available to you. I will guide you step by step to create staging in a relaxed manner.


When should I book my session?

It is better to make an appointment at least 3 months in advance, when you have an approximate date of your delivery. Given the uncertainty of childbirth , I guarantee availability within 10 days of this date.

If your baby decides to arrive much earlier or later than expected, I will do my best to organize, but the photo shoot may have to be canceled.


How long is the session?

It is better to plan 3 hours because between the times of appeasement, falling asleep, meal, exchange, cuddling, it is baby who decides! So we will do at his own pace and take the time it takes.


Where will the session take place?

The session must take place in the studio.


When and how should I pay for my session?
A deposit of 100 euros is required upon booking via the online form. The rest of the payment must be made before the session.


When and how will I receive my photos?

You will receive the photos ordered via a digital transfer link 6 weeks after the shoot. All photos are delivered in HD (high definition), allowing you to print optimally even on large formats. If you ordered printed materials, they must be picked up at the studio


Could I order additional photos to the 5 photos included?
Yes of course ! The price is 30 euros per photo edited and the request can be made up to 6 months maximum after the session. Orders for books or photo prints are also available.



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