Isabelle, Maxime and I thank you for your excellent work and your professionalism!

My request was precise: "On the old photos of my grandparents, we do not see love. I want that later, when we are old (or dead;)), our children, grandchildren (see more ) note that at that time, we knew how to love each other "

Our preconceptions: we are not photogenic.

You made this stressful moment a moment of relaxation where in the photos; we are one!

Thank you for your positive energy and your punch during the session. Everything was done naturally and your presence was more than discreet. You gave us a wonderful gift thanks to the mill (which really impressed me). The places you have chosen with taste bring a lot of "cachet" to our photos.

For all the couples who go through this page and who hesitate, I recommend Isabelle.
This photo session is in itself a couple therapy and self-esteem: we emerged stronger in bond after the session. You knew how to break our routine of "grandpa & mamy" and we found ourselves very beautiful (a little narcissism in this world where everything has to be perfect has done us a lot of good for our self-confidence).

I will not hesitate to recommend you to my contacts.

Hat the Artist!

I had the chance to meet Isabelle and to be able to realize with her one of my photographic dreams: indeed I am absolutely a fan of her universe and her photographic work more than sumptuous as well as that of General Guérisse who was in stylism for our great session.
Isabelle is an adorable, funny, always positive and encouraging person, human qualities that I particularly appreciate and which are super important for a photographic session. Originally I was a little stressed to pose for her whose I admire the work because I was afraid of not being up to par ... but thanks to his sympathy, his listening and all the relational qualities that I mentioned above I was able to relax and the session went extremely well past.
As for the course of the session I want to emphasize that she knows how to find the most suitable framing, the most interesting lights but she also knows how to guide the poses of the models when necessary.
For the post-production work I trusted him completely because all his achievements are just photographic bombs.
In summary you can go see Isabelle with your eyes closed because she is ultra friendly, ultra talented and ultra involved from A to Z.
I am mega giga delighted with the photos taken.
A huge thank you to her and all those who participated directly or indirectly for the said photos obtained. ;)

Top photographer that I can only recommend to you, Isabelle knows how to listen and put you at ease, you can feel her really passionate and invested in what she does, you just have to see the result report ... I would repeat the experience with great pleasure

In February 2019, I participated in the 1st shoot "Incarnations". The large choice of dresses and headdresses, the beauty by a make-up specialist, and the relaxation and the know-how of Isabelle make shooting a timeless moment when you embody, you reveal the woman in you. There is no age to have fun. Fairy, bewitching, warrior, ... What woman are you?

I couldn't have asked for better pictures of my pregnancy.
I have great memories of it. Both by the quality of the photos and by Isabelle's good humor and professionalism!
A big thank-you

I recommend the talents of Isabelle Hanneuse to 1001%! With it everything happens as we dream: ideas meet, merge, and the pictures are even more beautiful than we could imagine!
Thank you for your patience, kindness and professionalism. It is super important to feel comfortable, supported and understood when you expose yourself to the camera, so that you can let yourself be revealed by the lens :) <3
Come on, hurry up and book it for your shoots before it collapses under contracts in Hollywood!

Very talented photographer. She knows how to put you at ease and get the best of you. I really enjoyed my shoot with her because she took into account every detail in order to highlight me. And even after the shooting, she listened to my requests and I find the end result of my photos magical.
She is for me "the embodiment" of what is best in photography



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